Welcome to Protocab!

Protocab is a battery + wireless control system for model railways.

It replaces power from the rails with power from rechargeable batteries on board the locomotive.

We save you time as there is no need for wiring, cleaning track, pickups or insulating your trackwork.

You can recharge the battery without having to take it out of the loco and top it up at any time.

With Protocab, you never need to clean the rails again!

Our system makes model railway control more enjoyable and you can get your layout working quicker.

Please click on the image on the right for a 1 minute introductory video.

Supply of Batteries: 10th January 2019

Please note, we can only supply batteries as part of a Starter Set or Locomotive Set or at exhibitions we attend. This is because postal regulations require that batteries can only be posted if contained in the device they operate.

Batteries now back in stock: 7th January 2019

The 0001L and 0052L (with the 1902-653040 batteries) are now back in stock! Also note that we have extra large sets 0001XL and 0052XL if you have the space to fit the thicker batteries that provide around 30% extra capacity over the large battery (1050mAh over 800mAh). The new large batteries 1902-653040 are slightly less capacity than the previous large batteries at around 800mAh (down from 820mAh).

Website downtime: 29th December 2018 afternoon

Apologies for our unscheduled website downtime today, which was due to adding on a new feature which had an unexpected impact on our back end database. This has now been resolved - apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Large Battery availability update: 19th December 2018

We are delighted to report the 1902-653042 batteries are on their way from China! We are advised that they will be here just before Christmas. We have been out of stock of the 1902-653042 lithium ion batteries since the end of June due to difficulties at the original supplier who we have now changed. The new supplier is much more responsive. Consequently we will be able to supply the 0001L Starter Set and the 0052L Locomotive Set as soon as we have tested the new batch of batteries on arrival. Thus we plan to satisfy any order that you make now for these products in the first two weeks of the new year.

Next Exhibition

ModelRail Scotland 2019 - We are attending this premier Glasgow show on the weekend of Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February at the SEC. If you are coming along, do please visit our stand and chat with us about the benefits of battery powered wireless control using Protocab!

More details in a 6 minute video below: