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The Protocab system enables you to run your model locomotives with rechargeable battery power + wireless control. We have been serving a growing number of Owners since we launched in 2015. This site it dedicated to serving those Owners, by providing the following.

  • Information about the system
  • Discussion
  • News
  • A means to order Protocab components

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More details in a 6 minute video below...

Owner Layouts - Many thanks to Colin Turner who has kindly permitted us to publish a couple of videos of his excellent layout, which features his Protocab-fitted locos. Thank you Colin. (c) Colin Turner 2018 View full screen version
Owner Layouts - Many thanks also to Michael Miller who who has kindly permitted us to publish a video of his conversion of a 1958/59 Triang Class 101 DMU. Thank you Michael. (c) Michael Miller 2020 View full screen version