September 2nd 2022

Acc+Ess Limited today announces that it is withdrawing its Protocab battery powered wireless control range from the markets in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We are forced to this decision by the non-availability of some key components used in the Protocab products and a massive price increase in other limited availability components. There has also been a significant increase in the cost of obtaining certification from accredited test houses that our products comply with UK and EU standards for electromagnetic compatibility, radio emissions and interference and safety. Without being able to demonstrate compliance, we cannot place the CE or UKCA mark on our products which is a legal requirement for any manufacturer placing goods on the EU or UK markets.

We have written to our existing customers announcing our intentions and assuring them of our commitment to honour the guarantees included with our products and our continued support. However, we will not be issuing further newsletters to the Club Protocab members who are not Owners of a Protocab system.

We thank you for your interest in Acc+Ess Protocab and we are sure that you share our disappointment in not being to move further forward as we would have wanted.

Acc+Ess Limited will continue as a trading organisation with a different set of products and services, in due course. We can give no assurances that Protocab will be available in the future, but, as modellers, we are personally committed to the concept of battery power and wireless control.

Please address any questions or comments about this announcement to