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The 9601 Plug Charging Unit

for all Acc+Ess Protocab fitted locomotives

The 9601 Plug Charging Unit is required as an attachment to any Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) in the Pilot Series (cat nos 05xx) and enables a miniature plug connected to the 99xx UK Mains to USB Adaptor via the 99xx USB to EIAJ 2.6mm lead to recharge the Protocab battery attached to the same LCU, so that the battery can be recharged without removing it from the locomotive.

Although the actual 9601 measures just 10mm x 11mm x 5mm tall, the printed circuit board is extended to include a number of copper 'lands' which can be used to secure the 9601 to the locomotive, ensuring the firm mounting required during insertion and removal of the plug charging lead. A number of holes, clearance for 8BA (2 8mm x 8BA nuts and bolts included), also assists the modeller in the choice of where and how to fix the 9601 in the locomotive. Unwanted lands can be cut away carefully from the 9601 using a sharp razor saw (STRONG recommendation: do not attempt to break off the lands as this will cause damage to the 9601 itself).

Data Sheet
Attribute Value
Net size of 9601 Plug Charging Unit:
Width: 10mm
Length: 12.5mm
Height: 6mm
Size over fixing lands:
Width: 30mm
Length: 16mm
Height: 6mm
Included with this product: 9949 Interface cable, 050x series Locomotive Control Units to 9601 Plug Charging Units, length between connectors 60mm
2 x 8BA nuts and bolts, 8mm long