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The latest edition of the Club Protocab Newsletter (February 2017) is below, published 4th February 2017. You can click on the link or the thumbnail to view the newsletter. This is our 2017 New Products Announcement:

New Products Announcement 2017

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Acc+Ess Limited today announces the latest set of products in its 'Protocab' battery-powered model railway wireless control range.

As a result of the success of the Pilot Series launched in October 2015, significant feedback from customers, input from several hundred members of Club Protocab, online comments and its own research, Acc+Ess is introducing further products which address the following modellers' recommendations:

• enhance smooth starting and stopping, particularly of older motors
• provide support for small 4mm locos (e.g. tank locos and diesel shunters) and smaller scales, particularly 2mm (N) scale
• provide support for larger motor currents than the 500mA of the Pilot Series
• enable the user to store details of more than the 9 locomotive limit of the Pilot Series 0201 Direct Controller
• provide other functions commonly available with track powered digital systems, such as lighting and sound
• provide a fitting service for customers' locos
• extend local availability outside the UK

The 2017 new product range is described in detail in the brochure and in summary:

• a new handheld wireless controller, with a slider control, positive centre-off, 3.5" informational touch screen, • capable of storing up to 128 locomotives
• four new models of Locomotive Control Unit (LCU)
• additional batteries, including cylindrical shape
• two new methods of charging the loco battery, including wireless
• support for powering the loco from the third rail or overhead line equipment
• support for locomotive lighting
• support for control from smartphones, tablets and other personal computers
• enhanced over-the-air download options to enable multiple concurrent LCU firmware updates

Key features of the new products include:

• a new flatter antenna reduces the overall thickness of the LCU
• simplified installation in NEMS-socket fitted locos

The new series enables the touch controller to display

• loco motor speed
• remaining battery capacity in each locomotive and the controller
• motor current draw

In addition, the opportunity has been taken to enhance some of the operational functions of the Pilot Series and introduce new functions:

• being able to switch on the Locomotive Control Unit from the controller, removing the need for the 'Locoswitch'
• the 'adoption' process whereby a passcode is tapped into the Locomotive Control Unit's Locoswitch has been replaced by a one-button press
• 'glide control', to improve the smooth starting, stopping and running of motors (utilising the motor's 'back EMF')
• 'free running', whereby a locomotive being driven is allowed to run at the set speed while a second or subsequent loco is selected to drive
• 'double heading' (or 'consisting')

The existing Pilot Series products are compatible with the new range of Protocab products, although some of the functions on the new products may not be available to the original products.

In response to many requests, Acc+Ess will provide a service to fit the Protocab components in their locomotives.

The timetable for release aims for beta testing in April, with availability in June 2017. Many of the components and products are in an advanced state of development. Prices will be announced shortly, along with details of pre-orders and reservations discounts.

Acc+Ess is currently in discussion with, and seeking new, agents in countries other than the UK. This includes the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and countries in the European Union, for which the current range of products is certified for CE marking. The extended range will be certified for sale and use in the other territories.

We are keen to gauge response in order to estimate volumes for first production. We would appreciate your expression of interest by emailing launch@protocab.com.


Battery power has a number of significant advantages over conventional track-powered systems, including removing the need to wire the track, and maintain by regular cleaning, use of pickups on locomotives and insulating e.g. turnout crossings and provide complex switching for e.g. reverse loops. Modern battery and electronic technology enables several hours running on a single charge from small volume batteries, and the adoption of widely-used international telecommunications standards for the core network design, provides for the long term enhancement of the model control experience. The Acc+Ess Protocab range, developed since 2007 and tested in the UK by accredited technical test houses for full compliance with international regulatory directives, provides a total one-stop solution for the installation and control of model railway locomotives.

Statement of Intent:

Acc+Ess plans to introduce support for sound.

For further details contact:
Acc+Ess Ltd
or by telephone 07831 231164