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Attached photographs show installation of components in Hornby WC. tender. It all needs tidying up but works well. The battery is supported at a slight angle by blue tack. The 9601 Plug Charging Unit is a slide fit between strips of plasticard 2mm x 3mm fitted to the tender sides.

It sits on a block 26mm long x 8mm wide x 7mm deep. The top two outer "lands" of the board were removed to allow it to fit flush with the inside of the tender so that the socket fits in a 4mm hole drilled where the water filler cap was. This was carefully removed and then made to pivot on a 0.45mm dia. piece of wire.

Photograph (c) 2016 Steven Atkins

The 0502 LCU is fitted to the inside of the tender top under the location of the vacuum reservoir cylinders. A 9959 Heat Absorbing Pad was used to do this. The Locoswitch pad was cut down slightly and fixed to the inside of the tender side. The loco runs very smoothly. I even managed to reverse the motor polarity using the Characterising options! Now for the Hymek!

(Ed: A couple of notes: The copper pad used for the Locoswitch can be cut down from the 25mm square delivered with the 0502 LCU. Naturally, this reduces the target area where you can touch it to switch on the LCU, but we find that it is acceptable to trim to around 10mm square if required. I replied to Steven that I would urge caution about using the 0502 inside the Heljan Hymek with the existing Beulah motor. We found that the current draw was over one amp at stall, way beyond the limit of the 0502, which is why I remotored with a Mashima 1624 which provides quite enough power in my opinion. Steven has written to say that he has taken up my recommendation! We look forward to a further report from him on the Hymek conversion – I bet it will be a lot better than mine! - TH).

(Steven furthermore notes that the system in this example is installed in the original BoB/WC tender. Installation in the modified tender without Raves would be slightly different).