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Installation in a Peak Class 45

Judi writes:

Below is a photograph of the interior of the bodyshell showing the mounting point for the 9601 (a close-up picture of the unit with a mirror to help).

The mounting was made up from strips of plasticard cemented to the side of the bodyshell and I embedded two M3 CSK screws within.

The screws went through two thicknesses and I placed a piece of steel wire in the slots of the screw heads, embedded within the plasticard, to stop them turning.

I drilled out two of the M2 holes in the 9601 to M3, having a number of holes enabled me to make a choice for the best mounting points.

Photograph (c) 2015 Judi Rastall

I removed the interior moulding of the exhaust opening and routed out a small amount of the bodyshell plastic to allow the 9601 to sit high enough for the charger plug to reach through, as shown on the other picture.

(*Thank you very much Judi for the write-up. It was great to read about your installation of Protocab and the demonstration video on your website: http://www.rastall.com/railway/gdn-control.html - Ed)