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In this report, David Bunyan outlines his first conversion, remarkably into a medium sized tank loco.

David writes: I would like to congratulate you on the success of the product, I have spent the last week installing them into a 4mm 0-4-4 tank engine. As this was a retro fit there was insufficient space in the tank area as it is white metal. However by sacrificing the cab area I have been able to squeeze both the smaller battery and LCU onto the cab area while still keeping some day light. All I need is to make a non metal roof to finish. The plug charger unit fitted nicely into the bunker.

I have attached a couple of pictures which shows the LCU a perfect fit into the cab roof area. I have also attached another one showing the basic method, which was to build a card framework, which housed the battery in the bottom and the LCU on top.

Photograph (c) 2016 David Bunyan

It was a "sloppy" fit to allow for the wires to fit round the outside of the card framework and be hidden from view once the superstructure was in place. This allowed the main cab superstructure to be slid over when everything was connected, except the battery. That is one of the reasons for no roof so I could attach the battery once everything was securely in place.

Photograph (c) 2016 David Bunyan

At present I have attached the copper pad inside of the tanks, as I was concerned that if I attached it to the underside of the roof it might touch something on the LCU as the tolerance were very tight. As an added bonus it did show that the previous poor running was down to poor electrical pick up and dirty track, rather than my lack of engineering skills.