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Protocab is ideal for garden layouts! With no electricity in the track, the usual drawback of garden railway operation - needing to spend time cleaning the rail - is a thing of the past! Some modellers have said that they will be retaining their DC system but using a Protocab-fitted locomotive at the beginning of a running session to clean the rails.

We have run a Protocab loco at over 40 metres from the 0201 Direct Controller and, of course, if you wish, you can walk around the garden with the controller, following the train. We found it quite difficult even to see the loco at 40 metres!

Protocab is not showerproof, so should only be used in dry conditions. Also, you should be careful when running in direct sunlight on a very hot day (typically warmer than 25 degrees celsius) that the battery is not able to overheat. However, the Protocab system is developed to detect internal temperature inside the locomotive and to switch off the current when a certain level (40oC) is reached. The more advanced controllers connected to a Concentrator will alert the operator when this has taken place.

For more advanced layouts with several operators controlling several locos at once, we are developing a battery operated Concentrator. This will mean that the only mains electricity will be the charging socket to recharge the locos' batteries.