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At present Protocab would be difficult to fit into 2mm/ft scale locomotive mainly due to battery size.

We recognise there is much demand for battery power + wireless control in smaller scales but we have concluded that 2 and 3mm/ft scales can only be addressed universally when the battery technologies that we know are coming down the line are commercially available.

There is an interesting recent thread on NGaugeForum which you may find useful in relation to discussions on the topic of battery power wireless control in N Gauge: http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=34935.msg407463#msg407463

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Alex (Protocab Team) 13th December 2016 21:01

First of all many apologies indeed for the very lengthy delay in replying to your comment from last month. In the course of developing Protocab we are grateful to have been invited to meet MERG, and for instance in 2012 were invited to present to their meetings in London and Leicester. Some of the feedback that we received regarding our early prototypes were instrumental in helping us shape the direction of the Protocab Pilot Series, most notably the preference for a physical control device rather than a smartphone app which was our initial direction. We are also grateful that several MERG members are also customers of Protocab. In terms of affordability, we are keen to ensure that the functionality we provide is both affordable and relevant and we have therefore architected Protocab to provide additional functions as options for those who want them. For example, the 0502 Locomotive Control Unit includes an Auxiliary Control Port so that we can add optional functions in due course.

K1-Tom (Newtownards, NI) 1st November 2016 16:34

I model in N gauge where the pickup from the track is more pronounced than in larger scales so an independent battery powered system like yours is of great benefit. The use of a smaller battery with a live track to keep the battery charged would allow a DCC signal to be independent but not strictly necessary. On reading of the former submission to MERG of which I am a member I would suggest that seeking the input from this group may be of benefit at this stage of development as to what enthusiasts see as the future as I personally feel DCC is more than the average train enthusiast needs nor indeed can afford.

Tony (Protocab Team) 21st October 2016 14:29

We are designing a new range of components which, although intended for installation in smaller 4mm locos (e.g. tank locos) may also be useable in 2mm (N gauge) trains as long as you are prepared to fit them inside coaches attached to the locomotive.

Colin (France) 21st October 2016 11:26

For N gauge (2mm) you mention that space for a battery fitting is a limitation in locos. How about fitting the battery in a trailed covered wagon or similar?