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A notable feature of how Protocab is delivered to customers is that there is a real split between the hardware shipping, which happens as a one off activity, and the software shipping which can if you choose be done on a continuous basis by receiving updates “over the air”, that is through a connection to the Internet.

There is great flexibility in this model. Should you choose to you (you do not need to if you don't want to as the product ships ready to be used) can get updates to the functionality of your 0201 for free, rather than needing to upgrade your entire system.

The software will be continuously enhanced by our team and improve your product.

We have developed the 9801 Management App for Windows to communicate with the controller and LCU and update the over the air.

Over the Air updates are downloadable from our customer support website https://updates.protocab.com, where there is a registration facility for Club Protocab members.