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This article contains a two-part customer support video which shows how to install Acc+Ess Protocab in a typical ready-to-run locomotive.

Part 1 (below) describes a typical installation process to convert a DC electric powered locomotive (in this case a Bachmann L&NER V2) into one controlled and powered with Acc+Ess Protocab components. The process outines:

- How to know if a locomotive is suitable for conversion to Protocab.
- If it is, how to assess where to install the Protocab components.
- The considerations that have to be taken when planning the installation.
- Installing the various components.
- Finally, testing the locomotive works from the Protocab battery controlled from the Protocab controller, firstly with the components outside the loco on the workbench and then when they are installed and the loco is ready to run.

Part 2 (below) shows how to install the components into the tender of the Bachmann L&NER V2 loco, where all the Protocab components will be fitted. Some modification of the tender is required using tools typically found in the modellers' workshop.

Comments (2)

Tony (Protocab Team) 26th October 2016 11:33

We have several customers who have installed Acc+Ess Protocab in O gauge locomotives and I believe that some are narrow gauge. I have written to one of our customers who I know has fitted the system into a very small loco and this may be On30, so I have asked him if he would be prepared to email you directly. You will understand that for reasons of customer confidentiality I need to ask him first. Please come back to me if you don't receive an email from him in a reasonable timescale.

John (Bransgore, UK) 25th October 2016 18:43

Have you had anyone install Protocab in an On30 loco yet?