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Acc+Ess Protocab provides battery powered operation but we prefer to use the term 'wireless' rather than 'radio' control.

This is because while we send messages over an RF link between the locomotives and controllers, the transmission and data handling are much more akin to Wi-Fi than to RC, since Acc+Ess Protocab is based on computer wireless network principles.

Our system operates in the unlicensed 2.45GHz spectrum and the international standards that we use for the networking aspects of Protocab ensure that it can happily coexist with other devices (such as Wi-Fi routers) that also operate in that spectrum.

This approach, we believe, enables us to develop a wide range of application and operation functions to provide enhanced enjoyment and operability of model railway.

Every 0201 Direct Controller and every 0502 Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) has a world unique address (many billions of combinations!) and the process of 'adoption' ties an 0502 to a parent 0201.

The database on the 0201 contains the address of the adopted 0502 and the 0502 similarly has its parent's address on its database. Although many 0201s will receive messages from many 0502s when within radio range, the 0502 will only receive and act on messages from its parent and the 0201 will only receive and act on messages from its 'children'.

We regularly use four or more 0201s in our location to test the system without any interference between them. It also means that an 0201 cannot accidentally or deliberately take control of an 0502 unless that 0502 is on the 0201's database.

Adoption is not permanent and LCUs can be unadopted from the 0201 and adopted to a different 0201 if the user requires it.