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At present, Acc+Ess Protocab has been tested and certified against the European Union Directives for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility and Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment emissions as well as various product safety standards. We intend to extend this testing to other non-EU countries during 2016-17.

The present range of relevant Acc+Ess Protocab products is compliant with the now-redundant R&TTE Directive and all new products and existing products will be tested for compliance with the Radio Emissions Directive that replaced it and which has been mandatory for new products being placed on the market from June 2017. (See http://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/23321 for details)

Regulations demand that we place the 'CE' mark on our products and in order to do this we must satisfy ourselves as to compliance with the regulations through a Declaration of Conformity. We do not have the extremely expensive test equipment to show that the Protocab products work within the prescribed limits, so we have to engage the services of accredited test houses (ours are in the UK accredited by UKHA) who provide us with test results and certification.

Our Declaration of Conformity (last updated 1st September 2015) is available to view here.

Additional tests for compliance within the USA and Canada under the terms of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 standard are required before we can offer Protocab legally in those countries. We conclude that there is no exemption from compliance even though Protocab is intended for a hobby market.