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Protocab frees your modelling time from wiring, cleaning track and pickups and having to insulate all your trackwork.

Protocab also allows you to drive your locomotives as if you were driving the real engine.

Some other key benefits are:

Self-contained - Protocab is a complete system designed to be self-contained. We provide all elements of the system you need to get going: the Locomotive Control Unit, battery, accessories, and the related control software/ controllers. Nothing else is needed (except your own locomotive and track).

Simulation features - Acc+Ess Protocab is based on international wireless network standards, operating within the 2.45GHz unlicensed wireless band. These standards (IEEE 802.x) are employed on Wi-Fi routers commonly found in the home and office and a derivative standard, IEEE 802.15.4, which provide low data, short range, high rate data transmission was ideal for Protocab. Choosing this standard means that we can employ a variety of control systems, including hand held devices that operate under 802.15.4 and more complex devices such as smartphones, tablet or other computers in the same environment (i.e. IEEE 802.15.4 can integrate seamlessly with e.g. IEEE 802.11 found on Wi-Fi or even 802.3 for full wired integration for complete computer control of a model railway system!). This architecture has the chief benefit that it can handle large amounts of data and permit you to drive locomotives using simulations of the controls on the full sized prototype.

Scalable - Protocab can handle a practically unlimited number of locomotives and controllers.

Five safety devices - Protocab features five safety devices to prevent overcharging and short circuits.

Constant voltage - Instead of experiencing reduced voltage as the battery discharges, slowing down the trains, Protocab ensures a constant voltage is available to the motor.

Long battery life - Protocab enables several hours' running from a single battery charge.

Flexible adoption - Protocab can be tried one locomotive at a time as it works alongside existing systems.

Is it really true that you don't need any wires to the track?

Yes, we have three layouts including our demonstration 'doughnut' that we take to exhibitions and none has a wire anywhere in sight!

Sorry, we've forgotten.. there is a pair of wires to illuminate the lights outside the engine shed on our 7mm layout!