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Acc+Ess has been developing battery power+wireless control for model railways since 1978 and in earnest since 2008.

We demonstrated the concept publicly in April 2012.

Following the demonstration of the proof of concept, the team has been developing the Pilot Series.

In November 2014, the editor of the Railway Modeller in the UK (circulation 38,000) published a significant piece entitled 'Protocab wireless control a step closer'.

During 2015 we successfully completed the tests that enable us to certify compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) EU Directives, essential tests to enable Acc+Ess to label its products with the “CE” mark.

Protocab became ready for sale in 2015. Acc+Ess Limited has been created specially to develop, manufacture and distribute Protocab.

Acc+Ess Ltd is headquartered in Scotland, with close links to developers in Cambridge. Where possible components are sourced from Scotland where all the assembly distribution and administration takes place.

The following video provides further background to Protocab.